Become a certified nutrition consultant
for pregnancy, postpartum, and babies


Working with women to naturally nourish pregnancy, postpartum, and babies is more than just a career. If you commit yourself to this work, it’s because of a deep dedication that’s driving you to do it.

I’ve cultivated a unique, holistic approach that isn’t being taught anywhere else. I’ve witnessed the power it has to change lives, and it desperately needs to be put in the hands of passionate people who are ready to make a real difference.

That’s exactly what Oh Baby Academy was created to do. This online school will empower you with everything necessary to help mothers and babies thrive, because when women support women, incredible things can happen. 


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Curious about becoming certified?

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If you’re ready for a fulfilling and flexible career

Follow your passion and build an incredibly rewarding career that easily adapts to your growing family. Oh Baby Academy is especially ideal for new mothers seeking something both fulfilling and flexible that better suits the needs of their growing family. Becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant allows you to set your own hours and create an income doing something you love.

If you already work with mothers and babies

Becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant will enhance your current career, whether you’re a nutritionist, dietician, naturopathic doctor, health coach, midwife, doula, birth educator, lactation consultant, physiotherapist, chiropractor, yoga or fitness instructor. These courses are for anyone looking to deepen their expertise and expand their offerings to increase their earning potential.



Pregnancy Nutrition

Oh Baby Academy will provide you with the knowledge necessary to deeply nourish this critical time of transformation. Discover the optimal nutrition required to support both the health of mothers and the development of their growing babies.


Postpartum Nutrition

When a baby is born, a mother is born - and just like her infant, she needs to be nurtured. Become a certified nutrition consultant to support women in replenishing their bodies as they begin their journey through motherhood.


Baby Nutrition

The first 24 months of nourishment have a profound impact on a child’s health and preferences in the future. You have the opportunity to help ensure babies get the best start possible by establishing healthy eating habits right from the beginning.



Foundational Nutrition

Foundational Health provides the framework for becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Built upon the Oh Baby philosophies for optimal health, these modules will ensure you have a thorough understanding of holistic nutrition while honoring the unique nutritional needs we have as individuals. I reveal the exact strategies I use with my clients that have allowed them to successfully find a personalized approach to the way they eat.


Business Development

Business Development provides you with the tools and resources necessary to set up your own thriving business in less time and with more ease. If you already have a business, we’re confident these resources will help you expand your reach and elevate your brand. You’ll also learn about the exclusive opportunity to become a top tier Oh Baby Affiliate and increase earning potential while providing your clients with more comprehensive support.  

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Your own client toolkit

You’ll receive unlimited access to my extensive client toolkit with over 100 proven protocols that will allow you to confidently support the specific health concern of any client you meet with.

The client handouts, intake forms, and trusted resources can be implemented into your practice immediately, so that you can begin offering consultations as soon as you graduate.

Also includes

  • Live Q&A sessions every second week, with two different times to choose from.

  • Your listing in the Oh Baby Nutrition Consultant practitioner database.

  • Exclusive access to the Oh Baby Academy private Facebook group.

  • Social media student features.


Oh Baby Academy is crafting a community of deeply nourished women, and we’d love you to join us!