First and foremost, you have to find something that you are truly passionate about.

That was the easy part for me.

Hi, I’m Carley Mendes, founder of the Academy. People often ask me how I built Oh Baby Nutrition as a stay at home mom, with no childcare and 2 babies bouncing on my lap. My answer is always: "I just had to because this work is undoubtedly my life’s calling.” Although, my path to get here wasn’t that straightforward.

Like you, I had a deep passion for holistic health. I researched different nutrition schools, then chose one and decided to pursue my dreams.

When I started school I knew I wanted to specialize in nourishing mothers and babies, but the topic of women’s health was just ever so briefly mentioned throughout my courses. 

My education provided me with a thorough understanding of nutrition for general health, and after becoming a Holistic Nutritionist in 2007 I was eager to begin offering consultations. However, I felt nowhere near prepared enough to start supporting women through this specific stage of life.

I did everything I could to continue pursuing my dream.


After graduating, it took me over a decade of different work experiences, tireless research, and unique opportunities to become an expert in this field, helping my clients consistently achieve the level of success that they do. 

Over the years I’ve had numerous women contact me, asking how they can specialize in this field. 


I was asked if I offered mentorships. (No, not at the time.)

If there were any schools that I would recommend. (There were no educational institutions focusing on this specialty, but there definitely needed to be.)

If I had any specific suggestions to help them. (Yes… I had so much to share!)

And so, Oh Baby Academy was born! 

An online school empowering women with everything necessary to holistically support mothers and babies.

Want to learn more about Carley’s experience and philosophy?


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