Testimonial: Lauren Chen

“Upon becoming a mother myself, I have seen how much room there is for more support during pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum. I’m so grateful to have been given the tools to customize a program for each individual woman, depending on what she is going through. I love that it is not just about the food itself, but all the other ways to care for a woman and the countless ailments that can arise in pregnancy and postpartum. I am really looking forward to sharing this knowledge. The women I have helped thus far have had such positive feedback and I’m encouraged that many women would benefit from this education.”

Testimonial: Luka McCabe

“Inspired by my babies own health journeys, going against the norm to a more nutrient dense diet that will set baby up for good eating habits in the future, and also motivating the mother to eat well at the same time! I am interested in specifically postpartum health as mothers often forget and neglect their own health when they have had a baby. I joined Oh Baby Academy so that I would have more knowledge and some credentials behind me regarding these subjects, I’m loving learning about the specific nutrients that women should be fueling their bodies with!”

Testimonial: Emma Shahar

“Oh Baby Nutrition has been a constant inspiration.I feel right at home with Carley’s approach and was super excited to see that Oh Baby Academy was announced. It has been the perfect opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge, feel more confident, and add another, mom-friendly, revenue stream to my lifestyle. I was sceptical about taking an online course as I generally enjoy the physical and social aspects of a traditional classroom setting - but I feel a seamless transition to the new modern way and am pleasantly surprised by the flow and east of the platform.”

Testimonial: Meghan Ward

“I am extremely thankful for this course, and so happy to be a part of this group! Before joining Oh Baby Academy I was very lost, not knowing what to do with my life. Now I am so excited about my career helping new mothers. I also have a baby boy due in November and these courses have really helped me through my journey into motherhood. There is so little information out there for new mothers. I want to be able to make a difference for anyone I can, and make their experience a happier one.”

Testimonial: Caitlin Smith

“I fast realised that there isn't really much support out there in terms of holistic approaches to supporting mothers and their babies, until I found Oh Baby Academy, thankfully. I am blown away by the intricacies of what the body undergoes, but also what can be done to support the body and how little we are told about out there in the world. This work is honestly fascinating and I’m just really grateful to be exposed to this information and for the opportunity to continue sharing it with other women and be a light out there. Oh Baby Academy has allowed me to specialise and further support women but in a very specific and needed way. Thank you, Carley.”

Testimonial: Karlee Rotoloy

“I have wanted to be a chef for as long as I can remember, my interest in nutrition came later. I knew I would find a special way to marry my two passions, and Oh Baby Academy has given me the resources I need to accomplish this. My mother is a midwife and runs a women's wellness clinic, and she has inspired me to pursue this specialized route. As I become more educated about nutrition, I truly believe that a solid nutritional foundation starts in the womb. While a baby is growing, a mother has a unique opportunity to impact a baby’s lifelong health through the foods she eats, and I want to be a resource to women for maximizing that potential.”